Aerial Photography


Aerial Photography

Aerial photography forms the basis for all photogrammetric mapping. Colour or Black & White, Airborne GPS Aerial Photography at a specified scale can be done with either a Zeiss RMK Top 15/23 or a Jena Zeiss LMK 1000, both equipped with forward motion compensation (FMC), with valid calibration certificates. The Zeiss LMK is equipped with a Gyro Stabilized Mount.
Both cameras have a proven track record to produce high precision accuracies and high quality imagery.

The key to the accuracy of all photogrammetric mapping is high quality aerial photography, a process which entails the strictest attention to details from weather to flight and from camera to film.

• Zeiss RMK Top with FMC and Trimble Airborne GPS 
• LMK 1000 with FMC and Trimble Airborne GPS 
  • Automatic exposure control 
  • Brilliant image contrast 
  • Fine image definition right up to the corners of 
     the photographs 
  • Eight fiducial marks 
  • Forward motion compensation, generally known 
     as FMC 
  • Data annotation of each photograph 

• Cessna 402B - ZS-ORF 
• Cessna 206 Turbo - ZS - EZK

Our laboratory is fully equipped and includes black and white as well as colour film processors and printers. 

Our photolab is equipped with: 
• Agfa Gevatone Film processor - Black & White 
• Hope Colour Film processor - Colour 
• Log E Tronics Dodger - Black & White 
• Spec Dodger Printer - Colour
• Agfa print processor - Colour
• Luth print processor - Black & White