Company Profile

Fotogramensura (Edms) Bpk




The Company has extensive experience in:

  • Aerial photography
  • Ground surveys
  • Digital line mapping
  • Digital orthophoto production as well as other
  • Precision Photographic Processes

The Company has all the necessary physical, financial and human resources to provide an efficient and high quality, cost effective photogrammetric service which entails the strictest attention to details from weather to flight plans, from cameras to film. This attention to detail is continued with strict quality control in the darkroom, highly skilled staff with advanced equipment and top-flight photographic materials.


   View of Capetown

• Company Mission

"The Company strives to provide an excellent, as well as cost effective service. It has all the necessary Physical-, Financial- and Human resources to support this mission."

- Experience - 43 Years in the Aerial Survey Industry

The Company has been awarded with various contracts for Government Departments, Semi-Government organisations as well as private entities as per the list of experience.

The Company has experience in conducting work in other African Countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Leotho, Malawi, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zaire, Congo, Angola and Tanzania.

• Equipment

The Company has two aircrafts, fully equipped with aerial survey cameras & flight management systems, as well as a fully equipped laboratory for the development and printing of photographs (colour and black & white).

   Digital mapping / orthophoto production:

  • 4 x USmart Softcopy Systems
  • 1 x Socet Set System
  • 1 x Pat B NT - Aerial Triangulation (Version 2006)
  • 2 x High Quality (Epson & HP) Plotters for the supply of excellent hard copies
  • 2 x Softcopy Mass Data Module

All the above are linked to Microstation Work Stations.

• Staff Structure

The Company supplies it's clients with an "everything under one roof" service.