Digital Orthophoto Production/Rectified Images


Orthophoto Production / Hight Resolution Imagery

Digital OrthophotoA Digital Elevation model (DEM) will be run on either the Socet Set workstation or the
- (4) USmart Softcopy workstations.

Breaklines will be captured by our skilled operators to secure the required accuracy.

Ortho-rectification will be produced by means of differential rectification of all images using the most nadir area of each image and not by means of warping methods, resulting in accurate images. 

These orthophotos can be viewed as a backdrop in virtually all GIS systems, and in many CAD systems such as MicroStation and AutoCad. 

Orthophotos can be supplied in monochrome or colour(depending on the type of aerial photography) as required, and hard copies can be produced on photographic paper.