Survey And Triangulation


Ground Control and Aerial Triangulation

Ground control surveys are carried out by our Land Surveyors using Ashtech, Trimble or Stratus System GPS equipment.

Ground control will be done in the most economical way to meet the client's specifications and required accuracies. GPS surveying equipment, as per the list of equipment, will be used. Position and height will be based on all nearest trigonometrical beacons.

In aerial triangulation, a series of mathematical models are formed which represent the geometric relationship between object space, perspective centers and image space. 

Image points are measured and given photographic co-ordinates and photo co-ordinates are transformed to 3 dimensional ground co-ordinates during the interactive adjustment process. 

For Bundle block adjustment (block photography), we will be utilizing the latest version of PATB-NT (2006) developed by Dr Ruediger Kotowski of Germany.